Sherry jerez Golf

1 Course

18 Holes


It consists of a closed golf course of 18 holes (even 72), and a golf course of 9 holes (even 3). Besides has one magnifies golf school, and an ample illuminated driving range with 36 positions simultaneas and 35 possible shifts of position, 2 putting green and 1 chipping green. Easy and very good access to the city (it is possible to be considered like an urban golf course since one is to 1´5 Kms to Jerez) and to its international airport (to 5 minutes of the same one), and so single 12 minute of the coast. Sherry Golf Jerez, this diseng by Stirling&Martin (Global Company Golf); one appears like accessible golf course for amateurs and demanding for professionals. This within the new concepts of diseng of the American golf course: surely in the game, with movement and interest, without it supposes pending forts that they match heavy. The fairways are wide and greenes amples, make a category a of a super luxury field grants to Sherry Golf Sherry.