La Quinta Golf & Country Club

1 Course

3X9 Holes


Electric trolleys

La Quinta Golf & Country Club is a golf club in Marbella comprised of 3 courses, located in what is known as “Golf Valley” in this Costa del Sol town. The first course, San Pedro, has 9 holes and 2,690 yards. It has wide open spaces and ample fairways, ideal for woods and long irons. The Ronda course has 9 holes and 2,673 yards. It is a wonderful course with narrow fairways and technical greens. Guadaiza has 9 holes and 3,167 yards. This is the most technical course, ideal for advanced players, who will have to use a wide variety of strokes. The three courses at La Quinta are suited to all skill levels and to all types of players, who will enjoy their challenges.