Desert Springs

1 Course

18 Holes

In the last `forgotten´ corner of the MEditerranean coastof south eastern Spain on a plateu overlooking the Almanzora Valley, with easy acess from the international airports or Almería and Alicante,Desert Springs has constructed Europ´s first ever Arizona style desert golf course. Deseigned by Peter McEvoy, Desert Springs is built to full USGA specifications and is well worth the visit. Here the talk is of water courses, hardpan, armadillos, cactus and there is , of course one abouthalf the green planted area you`d find on a regular course. But this the desert where host of other westerns so a tough golf course fits in perfectly. Not that Desert Springs is especially tough it just looks, well, rugged with those towering outcrops of sandstone rock. Eventually there will be two coruses on the site. For the time being be among the first to enjoy the original.Desert Spings is certainly that and it offers a challengig roud on golf.